Iceland Final Lino Print Book

So here it is! What came after the sketchbook before!

Can you see any links?

I went to Iceland in March - after one of the coldest winters that had been for years - so they told me. So it was super snowy, super cold and super windy. So windy the coach blew over apparently. Nobody was hurt and I was surprised by how casually they took this. Must happen a lot! Anyway the goal with this book was to keep it minimal - houses in the distance in the snow, simple landscapes (because when the snowstorms came - you couldn't see a thing). I was there for the annual Design March event, where I was lucky enough to hear a talk by Jessica Walsh, one of my design heroes. Though this was a great event to attend, the inspiration for the book was purely weather and architecture, because this is what I was inspired by the most! I absolutely loved the buildings. It was really refreshing to see such uniform, new structures. Returning to this now (it's actually a good few years later now) I would love to add some colour to these drawings and maybe work into them some more. I won't though because this is the finished piece and is "of it's time". I think I should just plan another trip out and do a whole new project instead... Hey Icelandic tourist board, fancy a collab?!

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